When you arrive at Istanbul Airport, you will find our representative waiting for you in the arrival hall. You are welcome. We will transfer you to the hotel by a private car and assist you with check-in.


Our city tour off ers you the best way to discover magnificent Istanbul! You will be able to visit Blue Mosque which is the symbolic monument of the city. Throughout the city tour you will also be able to visit:

-Topkapi Palace where the imperial residence of Ottoman Sultans exhibiting. 

-Hippodrome of Constantinople which was the sporting and social center of Byzantine in which chariot races and the Byzantine riots took place. 

-The largest and the oldest covered markets of world, Grandbazaar that offers its visitors 3500 famous and unique shops. 

-Several outlet shopping centres (such as Olivium Outlet Centres) where you can reach the famous brands with an affordable prices.


We are experts in cruises to the amazing Bosphorus providing unforgettable tours with Boats and Luxury Yachts to couples, families, business groups, group of friends and moreover for special occasions, such as Gala dinners, Weddings, Birthdays and all kind of Parties to make an unforgettable experience! Taking part in our Bosphorus Tours will mesmerize you with its unique colour.

You will also have a chance to see famous waterfront Houses (Bosphorus Houses) which are located at the edge of Bosphorus Line. After the Bosphorus Cruise, we will take you to Camlica Hill which is the highest level of Istanbul with a magnificent city view. It gives its visitors to a chance to watch entire city in a single picture. Tour also continues with Panaroma 1453 Museum where you can feelm the moment of the conquest of Istanbul with 3D paintings and HD quality sound of cannonballs and ries. Visiting a selected shopping centre the tour will be completed.


After we all meeting we will head to Kabatas Pier to take the boat, acrossing the Bosphorus we will arrive in Princes Islands. We stop at Büyükada which is actually the original Prince Island and the largest and the most populated Princes’ Islands. After a small city town tour and listening to the history of this charming island, you will have free time to explore the island.

Keep in your mind that no cars allowed in the island but you can enjoy this charming island shores by phaeton trip (Horse and cart) which would be an amazing memory. You will have free time until the evening return time. We leave the island and go back to hotels.


The tour starts visiting Eyüp Sultan Tomb and Mosque and then we will follow visiting Pierre Loti hill which has a stunning landscape toward magnificent Golden Horn. You can enjoy the breathtaking view with a cup of coffee or traditional Turkish tea during your free time.

Once you have enjoyed your drinkings we will leave this amazing hill for visiting Miniaturk Park which has miniatures of most of the significant buildings, historical places that takes place all over Turkey. 

This visit will give you a big chance to get an general view and idea about Turkey’s historical heritage. After our miniaturk visit, we will continue to Egyptian Bazaar. Then back to hotels.


Our nature Tour is especially designed to discover the most blue and green part of city. Istanbul has several unique parks with Bosphorus view, Tulips and selection of several flowers and trees. Tour starts with Istanbul Aquarium which has all kinds of fish species living in the world’s seas and it is the newest aquarium in the world. Visitors have a chance to travel from Black Sea Region to The Pacific by following a thematic route that hosts 16 themes and 1 rainforest. Decorative equipment, interactive games and visual graphics provide visitors a fully entertainment. Ulus Park is situated in one of the most prestigious residential areas in Ulus and has a stunning panorama through Bosphorus. It is a well - preserved green area. As you are having your lunch in its famous restaurants, or smoking your Tobacco’’Shisha’’ the time will stop and you will be totally mesmerized while enjoying the breathtaking landscape. During the month of April, you will encounter plenty of tulips all over the corner but for a real tulip treat, we will head to Emirgan Park to visit International Tulip Festival. It is one of the largest parks in İstanbul and has million types of tulips. Originating in Turkey, the tulip grew to be a symbol of beauty, wealth and perfection for the elite Ottomans during the Tulip Era (1718 - 1730). Now, explore Istanbul and feel the elegance of spring profoundly in your heart.


During our Nature & Village Life excursion we will visit and explore the exclusive village life and meet with the hidden beauty of İstanbul that you have not seen before. The first One is Polonezköy Which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and hidden among trees and valleys. After Polonezköy we will countinue to Atatürk Arboretum where we will see excellent composition of embellished garden landscaping and variety of bird species.

During the tour, we guarantee you that the beauty of the village, the relaxing sound of the birds and water will refresh you and help you to calm your spirit. Then we go on visiting Belgrad Forest to feel the tranquility of nature and have our picnic. We will also have a chance to have our barbeque among trees. After a fantastic picnic we go back to hotel fully relaxed and satisfied.


Istanbul Dolphinarium presents to its visitors a unique chance to explore mesmeresing world of sea mammals. By taking a deeper look at these magnificent creatures, you will realize better howimportant these species in the sake of world’s nature. Dolphins, seals, walruses and a whale...

They are not just that charming but very clever that you can ever imagine!


Pick up from hotel and transef to Vialand Amusument Park. Vialand is located in a huge area which is almost equal to 100 football fields and provides reasonable alternatives which appeal all ages from 7 to 70 with the wide range of alternatives. Apart from having various of shopping brands, it has an amazing amusument park that welcomes its guest with charming The Vialand Chateau which royally rising 2000 meter square at the gate. The 100 thousand square meter exhibition center has a 15 thousand person capacity concert area, a lake and many activity areas to appeal to a wide range of audiences. After a total fun at Vialand, transfer to hotel.


Day trip to Masukiye Sapanca and Darica Zoo from Istanbul for the travelers who is seeking for something different. During Masukiye trip, you will be away from the hectic city life and have a chance to explore the hidden beauty of nature. While walking between the trees, you will be amazed by the picturesque view of the waterfalls, relaxing sound of the water and birds which will make you a happier person than you ever become! It is definitely worth to visit even for one day. Darica is the unique zoo in Istanbul located on the Asian side. Istanbul Zoo has 200 different kinds of animals and 250 different kinds of plants. There are about 2000 animals. There is also an aquarium and children’s petting zoo. It is a big botanical park and one of the biggest zoos in Turkey. We have our lunch in the forest under a canopy of trees next to a waterfall in Masukiye. On the way back to Istanbul, we stop for a tea at picturesque Sapanca Lake. At the end of the tour transfer to our hotel.


Yalova is famous with its healing water that cures several physical illness. To get the magical and healing atmosphere we will leave Istanbul to get Yalova. We will visit dierent thermal springs waters and have time for bathing.

After we all relaxed in the healing water, we will have free time for our lunch. Then, we will visit amazing and relaxing Yalova waterfall. After a stress - free visit, we head Istanbul to get a relaxing sleep in the hotel.


We will leave Istanbul in the morning and head to Yalavo by ferry - boat to enjoy lovely countryside view. Later then we will drive to Bursa, the formal capital city of Ottoman Empire. Then, we will take the cable car to climb Uludag, the legendary Mount Olympos where we will enjoy super delicious Ottoman kebabs in Bursa’s one of the finest restaurants. After having our lunch, we will visit to Old Silk Market in the Covered Bazaar and Bursa Ulu Camii (Bursa Mosque).

After visiting various outlet malls, we will turn back to Istanbul at late evening.


The tour starts with visiting famous 600 years - old Historical Tree. It is the oldest tree in Bursa. Its height is about 35 meters. Then we drive to Cumalıkızık, the old village in Bursa. Traditional handmade houses, foods that served straight ahead to streets create an atmosphere like a movie scene.

Then we will drive to waterfalls where we will have our lunch in local restaurant near the river. After our lunch, we will go to shopping center.


Heaving the elevation of .1150 m Sumela Monastery is 47 km far from Trabzon and takes 45min. to get there. It is located in Altındere Village of Maçka, subordinate of Trabzon. While arriving to Sumela Monastery we will have a break around the waterfall area and we will stop at an amazing balcony where you can see the all Monastery from the best position. The breathtaking landscape will take you away and it will leave a memory that you may never ever forget anymore. After we enjoy the view, we will start visiting the Monastery. After visiting half an hour around the Monestery, we will have our lunch at Zigana Highland Holiday Village which has a grand tranquility and unique atmosphere. We will pass from Zigana Tunnel after lunch and we will have a short break at fruit - paste store on our way to Gumushane. Then we will arrive to Karaca Cave which has the richest droop - columnar - stalagmite variation and snenic walls and lime - waterfall and we go around the cave which will be the best cure for those who suer from asthma - illness. As going back to Trabzon, we rotate our way to historical road and we will visit Hamsikoy Village where the people organise festival of rice puding at summer which is extremely delicious. You cannot forget its taste, we guarantee you. After having our rice puding, we will go back to Trabzon.


After we leave Trabzon city - center, we will have a break at famous Sürmene Knife Shop which is located in Sürmene region. Then we will visit Özcay Tea Factory which is on our way and we will see the techniques of tea production step by step with an expert engineer. After having our tea, we will go on our way to Uzungöl. First we will visit Sultanmurat Plateau for the beauties of green and fresh air. It’s located at 2200 meters from the sea level. Plateau takes its name from a Sultan of Ottoman. It is believed that Sultan IV. Murat visited this plateau for resting before arrive to Trabzon. You can have natural barbecue party at the plateau as well. When we arrive to platau, first we will go up the slope of Uzungöl to have a break where we can find artifical waterfalls. After taking amazing photos, we will have free time at restaurant which is located near the lake coastal. Now it is time to visit unique nature of Uzungöl after our free time. After our free time, we will go back to Trabzon. While going back to Trabzon, we will have a break at Tiled-Old-Wooden-Bridge for taking photos.


Our first stop will be Sürmene which is famous with hand - made knifes, we have thirty minutes to have a rest. After visiting special knife store, our next stop will be famous Rize Tekpa Cloth Sales Store which sells pure - handmade - cotton. After Tekpa Cloth Sales Store, we head to Ayder and our next stop will be Dağ - Raft Rafting School, we will go on our trip to unique water falls which are at the summit of Ayder - highland. Then our bus will wait for our visitors for having their free time and lunch. Now, our visitors are ready to discover Ayder - highland. After having our lunch and free time, our bus will return from the same point to Trabzon. We will have a tea break near the Old - Ottoman - Stone - Bridge and on the Fırtına Stream which is on the way to Trabzon


Day1: We will visit Devrent Valley, Zelve Open Air Museum, Monk’s Valley (Pasabagi) where you will find the worldwide known charming fairy chimneys. After we visit and take excellent photos, we will have a lunch break in Avanos which is famous with its handmade crafts. Then we go on to Goreme Open Air Museumwhere you will visit the numerous rock carved churches and monasteries. Depart for a panaromic view of Esentepe and then to Uchisar, a natural rock castle. At the end of the tour, going back to hotel. 

Day2: After our breakfast, we start our full day tour visiting famous Derinkuyu Underground City. Afterwards a short hiking through the green Ihlara Valley which is actually one of Turkey’s most stunning natural landscape. While hiking along Ihlara Valley, get the maximum breath as you can take! During your hiking, you will also encounter with some churches. They all make you suprise with their unique Byzantine architecture. We will stop in Belisirma for lunch and then to Selime for a panoramic view. Our tour also includes visiting Agzikarahan Caravansarai. At the end of the tour, going back to hotel.


In the morning pick - up from your hotel and start your half day city tour of Izmir including the Roman Agora which was used as a square shaped market place during the Roman rule of the city, Archaeological museum. You can see the houses that has several Hellenistic and Roman findingsand figures from Izmir and surrounding area, including roman mosaics, sarcophagi, statues and so on. Mount Pagos, today known as Kadifekale, has an impressive fortress on the hilltop controlling the city and oering a great panorama. A final visit will be the historic Elevator to enjoy another great view of Izmir. Then visit to İzmir Marina. After then we will visit historical clock tower and we will have a free time in bazaar. Then, going back to your hotel.


With its extremely adorable frame houses, patios with full of olive oil trees, Şirince will take you away that you may not even want to go back. Şirince is a small villagei and literally means ‘’cute’’ and it is in the mountains and has an excellent natural seeing. It is also known for wine tasting and production We will drive to Selcuk and visit the Shrine of Virgin Mary in which she is believed to spent her last days. After then we will visit the Ancient Ephesus and see the Odeon, the Bouleterion, the fountains, the temples, the brothel, the library, the agoras, the great theater, the Roman Baths, the Gymnasiums and everything you might familar from the Ancient Greek Mythology. After lunch, we will visit the Archeological Museum and the Temple of Artemis which is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Throughout our trip, the historical background and unique environment of this amazing place will feel like you are in a wonderland.


First of all you should know that our program will be on boat to the Bosphorus. The Cruise on the Bosphorus which will give you the best chance to wiev the two continents European and Asian side., finest palaces, pavilions, bridges. Same concept, same quality. Our program start time at 21.00 pm and finish time at 24.00 am. We will pick you up from your hotel, and then drop off to the hotel. Everyday we are making this show.

  • Turkish Classical Dinner Music
  • Whirling Dervish Show 
  • Turkish Traditional Folk Dance I (Henna Night Zainuddin, Halay)
  • Belly Dancer
  • Turkish Traditional Folk Dance II (Turkish Roman Sho)
  • Belly Dancer
  • Turkish Traditional Folk Dance III (Kafkas Show)
  • DJ Music 


Hagia Sophia; Hagia Sophia has an important role in the World of art with its architecture, magnificence, size and functionality. It was built between 532 -537 by Emperor Justinian. It was converted into a museum in 1935 after serving as a church for 916 years and a mosque for 477 years for two dierent religions believing in the same God. Dolmabahçe It is one of the most glorious palaces of the world. It was built between 1842 and 1853 as a synthesis of artistic European and Asian styles.. There are 285 rooms and 44 halls. 14 tons of gold and 40 tons of silver were used in its construction. It has the largest ball room in the world. It has a chandelier in 4.5 tons weight hanging from its dome in 36 meters height. Chocolate museum; In the plant of Pelit Patisserie, located in Esenyurt established on 25.000 square meters indoor area, a magnificent world is designed for children and for those who has a child sprit and sweat lovers. Chocolate Fountain which the water runs through, Chocolate Village, statues completely made of chocolate and miracle world of cakes are exhibited. Cake and kitchen chef workshops are present for children